Chipotle Implements Walk-Up Windows

The Environment is one of the most significant discussions held in our society. Numerous companies are re-evaluating how they operate to save fuel consumption and emissions. This applies firmly to the fast-food industry, which has struggled to revamp itself in the modern era. However, one corporation is leaping forward by offering walk-up windows. This concept has been used since the 1950s but became abandoned in the 1980s with the rise of automobiles. Chipotle plans to implement the walk-up windows across the nation.

This fast food concept is maintained in dense populations with lower incomes, allowing for consumers to walk up to their local McDonalds or Sonic to purchase food on the go. This format of the takeout window nationwide would lower Chipotle’s emissions by 35% in less than a month. It’s being tested in Chicago, Seattle, and Washington. Depending on how many consumers adopt this new takeout window, it will be implemented nationwide. However, multiple analysts believe that most fast-food customers will opt out of Chipotle and locate another restaurant with a drive-thru takeout window.

Early adopters of the walk-up takeout windows have seen a lowered presence of consumers, dropping by an average of 62% weekly. It removes the ability to serve people faster, with individuals having to park their car and travel fifty feet to their destination. Instead of being inside, where the elements protect you, you can expect the seasonal changes to affect the usage of these takeout windows. Considering that its winter right now, it explains the 62% decline in early adopters of the walk-up windows.


The Chipotle Corporation is naming this new service the Chipot-Lane. In addition to locations in Chicago, Seattle, and Washington, other metropolis-cities are slated to participate shortly. Those include Newport Beach, San Diego, Phoenix, and Cincinnati. All locations are full-scale restaurants, with some being older and undergoing a décor makeover to attract new consumers. Subsequently, these updated Chipotle’s will be more spacious and feel light. There will even be specialized shelves that allow customers to pick up online orders.

This initiative has begun as part of the company’s internal strategy, which is meant to capitalize on a growing market that prioritized on digital exchanges. Chipotle is one of the fastest rising online fast-food agencies, earning more than $1 billion last year in profits. Subsequently, this corporation is opening an additional 165 locations across the United States. Half of these locations will maintain the Chipot-Lanes depending on the desired state. The hope is that Chipotle can become a broader and more popular brand amongst the American public.