Burger Kings Unique Valentines Day Campaign

One of the weirdest advertisement campaigns in recent memory is coming from Burger King. This fast-food corporation wants all singles consuming their food to feel accepted. Instead, they’ve experienced a recent heartbreak or are dwelling on former partners. The Break-Up Burger is being provided to all individuals that can provide their irrefutable photographic evidence of their respective partner; this goes another step further by donating items owned by your previous girlfriend or boyfriend. All items will be re-donated to a charity of Burger King Corporations selection. However, you’ve got to prove that all evidence of your ex is deleted from mobile handsets. Consumers that bank on this advertisement will receive a specialized cleansing with free food, with previous feelings going away with every bite.

Most wouldn’t expect Burger King to complete such a shocking advertisement campaign. Food analysts are concerned that countless customers will provide fake photographic evidence through photoshop, allowing them to acquire free food without any backlash. Furthermore, consumers can ensure photographic evidence to multiple locations across their respective Tri-City. It should be noted that this promotion comes into effect with the theatrical release of “Birds of Prey & The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn”. Warner Brothers are providing Burger King Corp with 50% of the associated cost with each burger freely handed to customers. This could cost the studio upwards of $3 million with the United States-wide advertising campaign.

Harley Quinn

This marks the 8th film in the DC Film Extended Universe, with the film having the lowest theatrical box office release for the DCEU. Most were anticipating that this project would earn upwards of $150 to $200 million during its opening weekend. Instead, it made less than $35 million across North America. Many claim that an outdated and over-sexualized advertising campaign for this film from Warner Brothers prompted the immediate decline in viewers. Most moviegoers don’t approve of the double standards displayed with woman, especially with last years breakthrough that countless actresses had been sexually assaulted in Hollywood for professional roles. It’s expected that Birds of Prey will earn a combined total of $215 million by the end of its theatrical run and Blu-Ray release period.