Betting in Japan

Japan is famous for many things, although gambling and casinos are not one of them. There are five different sports types in the country you can place bets on legally, and those include soccer, motorbike racing, horse racing, powerboat racing and bicycle racing. In other parts of the world, especially in the United Kingdom, horse racing is a classy event. It is not the same in Japan as it is not an event that promotes social gathering; it is only seen as a legal gambling event. No one in the country dresses to meet friend or family at the races. At the same time, the different approach does tempt many to visit the racecourses, and one of the most visited is the Tokyo Racecourse based in Fuchu. This racecourse’s construction was completed in 1933, and it hosts all the big races such as the Japan Derby and the Japan Cup.

Japanese Stadium Foods Worth Trying

One of the most popular treats available at sports stadiums includes the Bento lunch box, which is an easy way to enjoy a great meal. The meal consists of chicken or fish, vegetables, salad and pickles. Donburi is a daily one-dish serving in a Donburi (meaning a rice bowl). It is perfect for sports fans needing a substantial meal and offers either vegetables with deep-fried seafood, rice and beef or chicken and egg. A cold beer goes great with the salty, savoury flavour of Yakisoba noodles. This casual dish consists of fried and seasoned noodles, cabbage and meat and a fried egg is added on top. Yakisoba is not only accessible at sports events but also during outdoor festivals.

Kakigori is the most loved during the summer, and this consists of shaved ice with lots of syrup to enhance the flavour. Served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon, kakagori is a much bigger helping than the cones anywhere else and extremely popular as a treat at sports events.

Bicycle Race Type Known as Keirin

In Japan Keirin is racing with bicycles and this was a sport unique to Japan until the opening of the velodromes recently in Korea. Most participants in the races are men and keirin for ladies was only established in 2012. Betting is legal on both the male and female races and in the event nine participants cycle around a 333-500m track until they reach up to 3,000m. The average speed of the races is around 60km per hour up to 70km. In Tokyo, there are two velodromes including the Tachikawa Veldorme and the Keiokaku Velodrome.

Kyoutei Powerboat Racing in Japan

Powerboat racing in Japan is called Kyoutei, and until the stadium opened in Korea in 2002, it was a sport unique in gambling available to the Japanese sports enthusiast. The powerboat racing course is mostly built on a river, at sea or on a lake and during races, the speed can go up to around 80km per hour. Both men and women compete together in Kyoutei, The three stadiums for Kyoutei in Tokyo include the Tama, Heiwajima and Edogawa stadiums.