Americans Presented with Two New Big Mac Option

Variety in the available Big Macs with McDonald’s is increasing throughout the United States of America. This follows after the fast-food Corporation announced that two new iterations of their infamous burger would be released to select franchisees on March 11th and nation-wide on March 15th.

These two new products are named the Double Big Mac and Little Mac, which will be available in correlation with the standard Big Mac. It should be mentioned that these specialized variations will be available for a limited time to American consumers.

When it applies to the standard Big Mac, consumers are greeted with two “Pure Beef Patties”. That meat is met with American Cheese, Pickles, Lettuce, Onions and McDonald’s Special Sauce. For the last 60+ years, this product has been available on sesame seed buns throughout North America. For Americans that purchase the Little Mac, they’ll receive a smaller version of the standard burger. This means one beef patty with the regular topping included. Those wanting something more can purchase the Double Big Mac, which will support four “Pure Beer Patties” with the standard toppings and Special Sauce.

American consumers familiar with the annually released products from McDonald’s will recognize both these products. The “Grand Mac & Mac Junior” were released to US Consumers in January 2017, which were identical in every manner to the Little Mac and Double Big Mac. Branding alterations were made to these annual limited-time products to match the Canadian market.

The Vice President of Menu Innovation for McDonald’s provided a public press release regarding the updated Big Macs. Linda VanGosen noted that the Big Mac has become an international icon and that American consumers demand additional ways to enjoy their favourite burger. McDonald’s hopes that cravings will be satisfied and met with the addition of the Little Mac and Double Big Mac. 

Innovative Concepts

McDonald’s Corporation has implemented various innovative concepts throughout its history. This included adding new Drive-Thrus to all locations across North America for the support of “McDonald’s Pizza”. This is one of the most destructive marketing campaigns and product releases for the company, with hundreds of millions being lost in profit. Destroyed concepts extend to the “McDonald’s Sub”, which ran for two years before being terminated. Minimal benefits were lost in this product release.