450 Dunkin’ Locations are Shutting Down in America

International corporations have struggled to maintain profits during the COVID-19 pandemic, seeing an influx enter bankruptcy or foreclosure status. Others have terminated longstanding contracts & furloughed a large percentage of their workforces. Some companies have reverted their business strategies & allocated finances to new avenues that could support robust profits. This tactic was seen again with Dunkin’ (Formally known as Dunkin Donuts), who announced that 450 locations throughout the United States of America would shut down.

There’s an immediate concern for enthusiasts of this brand. However, Dunkin’ clarified that upcoming closures extend to locations at “Speedway Convenience Stores”. Those familiar with Speedway know they operate gasoline pumps and various forms of hospitality. One attribute of their hospitality services was the inclusion of Dunkin’. The clarification provided by Dunkin’ confirmed that standalone locations in America are shutting down. Their infamous coffee & doughnuts will still be purchasable.

Media personnel employed with Dunkin’ provided details on their announcement to ABC News. An agreement was met between both parties, with Speedway Convenience Stores agreeing to bypass their contract. Executives with Dunkin’ were prompted to cancel the Speedway contract after learning 450 locations accounted for 0.4% of profits in America. Dunkin’ will now reallocate those funds & services to new markets that could sustain higher profits. That will include Military Installations, Airports, Travel Plazas, and Universities.

Expansion of the Dunkin’ branding into these new markets won’t be immediate. Executives are reviewing the landscape of various industries to ascertain if they’re suitable for investment. This can take prolonged periods with standards business operations in-place. Coronavirus will extend the delay of expansion tenfold.

Recommendations from Dunkin’

Retail consumers that engage with Dunkin’ Shops in Speedway Convenience Stores were informed that locations aren’t terminating immediately. The deconstructing of these locations won’t be completed under Mid December. Brand supporters were told to select a new location for their coffee requirements. It should be mentioned that allocated funds are more directed towards the Next Generation of Dunkin supporters, meaning Millennials and Generation X/Z. We’ll inform our readers on updates regarding this scenario when additional details are announced.