3 for 2 – Planning a Three-Course Dinner Date

You are dating a gem; she’s been at your side watching all your favourite Baseball matches with you, cheering when you placed a winning bet and buying you a beer when you lost. It’s time to say thank you.

I know most of you would think of taking your lady to the fanciest restaurant, but in all honesty that is just a copout. Nothing says, “thank you” and “I love you” more than a three-course, delicious, home-cooked meal. It sounds daunting, but we have a few tips to help you out.

There’s a lot of planning that goes into something like this and asking for help will be to your advantage, it’s ok to admit you don’t know how to set the table or which wine pairs best with your selected courses, someone you know will be able to guide you, if not, you always have Google.

Tips for a 3-course meal

  • Set a theme and try to keep to that style of cuisine. This will make your decisions easier too. Greek, Italian, and Oriental are examples of meal themes that could be chosen. Consider your partners favourite food and try to incorporate it, or better yet, select a menu symbolic of your favourite trip together.
  • Consider the season. If it is currently Summer and there is a chance your meal will fall on a hot evening, don’t plan for soups, curries and baked desserts as these are most suitable for winter. Instead opt for a light menu like shrimp cocktail, beef medallions with a fresh garden salad and Eton mess for dessert.
  • Make sure all three courses complement each other and balance the meal. For example, if you have a sumptuous main course, you might want to end the dinner with a sorbet or jelly or even a delicious fruit salad
  • Look up recipes and select those that you are most comfortable and confident in the making and do them justice. Sometimes simple is tastier than elaborate, confusing meals with many elements.
  • Wine pairing. The wine you serve with each course could make or break the meal, here’s where Google will be your best friend, search “wines best paired with beef” and Google will have your back. This adds an air of elegance and romance to the dinner date too.
  • Set yourself a budget and give yourself enough time to prepare, think ahead as some elements of your meal could be made in advance giving you more one on one time at the table
  • Trial run it. It won’t hurt to test out the meals on the boys and ask for their honest opinions; this will allow you to adjust your recipes accordingly and leaves you with no surprises or disappointments on date night, but also be ready to adapt and to adapt on Date Night.
  • Create an atmosphere. Play your favourite music mixes, set the table and light as many candles as possible.
  • Keep these simple tips in mind and your romantic evening for two should be a great success.