Sprite Ginger Launched by Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Corporation has been drastically changing its product lineup, which follows after increasing profits. Their latest flavour slated to hit store shelves nation-wide is Sprite Ginger, which will create an odd set of characteristics. It’s expected that this new drink will sell in large quantities with the growing demand for Ginger-Flavoured Sparking Pops. Those wanting to consume this product can purchase 20oz cans to 2L bottles, with the cans being available in twelve packs. It should be noted that a Zero Sugar option is slated for Q2 2020.

The Brand Manager behind Sprite announced the new product. Mark Shore expressed that every sip will be refreshing and crisp, starting with the lemon-line flavour profiles and ending with ginger. Mark noted that this product marks a significant reimagining and restructuring of the Sprite brand, which will become new and unexpected for consumers.

Previous startups from Sprite included Winter Spiced Cranberry, Cherry and Tropical Mix. It was Sprite Tropical Mix that remaining popular, with the other two falling in North American markets. Variety in their product lineup can be accomplished with more standard flavour profiles. Another instance of positive growth for Sprite was when they launched the lemonade variant. It helped fuel a 6th consecutive year of growth valuations.

Old Flavours Returning with Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Corporation didn’t stop expanding its products with Sprite, and it extended to their brand. Representatives with Coca-Cola confirmed that Cherry Vanilla Coke Sugar & Zero Sugar would be released nation-wide to grocery stores. Those familiar with these products remember its popularity throughout 2004 – 07. Declining sales followed with the release of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, which prompted Coca-Cola to take a prolonged break from the flavour profiles. After thirteen years they’ve returned and are expected to be supported with Coca-Cola soda fountain machines by the fourth quarter. These two flavour profiles follow after multiple product announcements from Coca-Cola, which included a caffeinated coffee beverage.

Extensive data compiled from the Coca-Cola Corporation indicates that consumers are more likely to test new flavours with soda fountain machines. Research suggests that consumers mix multiple flavour profiles, such as Coke and Sprite, to create unique beverages. This is what’s prompted the Coca-Cola Company to develop odd flavours that could unexpectedly increase profits. It should be noted that the last sofa beverage flavour released by Coke was Orange Vanilla is 2019, which was available for a short period in grocery stores.