Baskin Robbins and Sonic Release New Ice Creams

It’s summertime & that means multiple companies are releasing their new ice cream treats for consumers to purchase. This includes Baskin Robbins & the Sonic Drive-Thru, who both announced new items on their menu over the 1st weekend of June. When it applies towards Baskin Robbins, they’ve been releasing a unique flavour each month over the summer of 2020. The most recent selection made by Baskin Robbins Execs is named “Surprise Party”, which is meant to have flavour profiles similar to cake batter & buttercream.

Three colours are seen in Surprise Party, with Blue & Pink supporting the cake batter flavour profile. It’s the yellow ice cream that’s flavoured to resemble buttercream. Unlike multiple companies releasing their “Cake Batter Products” during this 2020 trend, Baskin Robbins has created a desirable flavour that doesn’t taste like it was mass-produced. Expect feelings similar to good cake batter & buttercream.

Those wanting to purchase the Baskin Robbins Surprise Party Ice Cream have until June 31st to reach their nearest location. That’s because by July 1st there’ll be a new flavour announced on their website & released to retail locations. It should be mentioned that Baskin Robbins is selling containers of Surprise Party Ice Cream, meaning those who enjoy these flavours can consume the delicious treat into July or August. Just make sure to buy plenty of containers!

The Sonic Float

Baskin Robbins isn’t the independent company that’s released a new summer ice cream for consumers. The Sonic Drive-Thru announced their “Red, White, and Blue Slushie Float. It’ll be available for consumption between June 29th to August 2nd. The flavour profiles associated with this July 4th-themed float includes the Sonic Blue Raspberry Sonic for the top layer. The middle layer comprises Sonic’s vanilla ice cream, with the bottom layer having the Strawberry Real Fruit Slush.

This combination of flavour profiles will be perfect for the associated price of $2.99. It should be noted that this is a nation-wide product that’s supported by all retail locations. There are multiple other summer beverage options at Sonic Drive-Thru, including the recently announced Brownie Blast Float. There’ll be something for everyone in the family at Sonic.